Clean Beauty Awards 2020: Body Wash

Let me tell you a bit about something near and dear to my heart. It’s all about finding toxin-free products that perform well, so that you can reduce your exposures of all the harmful stuff out there. Our governments (most in the world) allow thousands of chemicals, known cancer-causing ones included, in your personal care products. It’s all because of ‘loopholes’ in industry regulations. As long as the company says it’s a trade secret, governments can’t ask what’s in it to ensure its safety. Seriously!? Yeah, I know, right!

CertClean is one of those amazing companies trying to set things straight. They are working hard to make it easier for you to confidently shop for cleaner products, free of thousands of harmful chemicals. You can see some of their certified products in local shops already. The Clean Beauty Awards is one of their wonderful initiatives that help get some of these clean products recognized for their dedication to safer skincare. It’s time to take the dirty out of the beauty industry!

This year’s (5th) Clean Beauty Awards offered no shortage of AMAZING products. There were 371 products from all over the world who entered. I was lucky enough to judge TWO product categories this year: Body Wash and Odour Care. I definitely found some new favourites! 

I’m sharing my notes with you so hopefully you’ll find some new favourites of your own!

As a side note, PurPicks, a partner of the Clean Beauty Awards, is another wonderful way to explore clean products. The site is based on real reviews and offers products only with a 3rd party certification. It’s a favourite resource of mine for cleaner personal care picks. You can access it here, at

Click here to go to the post for ODOUR CARE or see below for notes on BODY WASH.

Carina Organics: Lavendar Shampoo and Body Wash

This is my not-so-secret favourite company for shampoo and conditioner. I did use this as a shampoo also, as it says on the bottle, but it wasn’t the best fit for my hair type (I normally use Carina Organics Citrus…and LOVE it!). 

However, used as a body wash (also as intended), it smelled nice, and wasn’t overpowering (as some lavender blends can be). They always have such clean ingredients, which I appreciate. It was great as a body wash and 10/10 would recommend.

Ecologica Skin Care of Malibu: Malibu Sea Scrub

I thought it was a sea salt scrub, (from the name), but it was mostly Sugar (and no salt), so a bit misleading, in my opinion. 

Since it’s made with coconut oil, it left a residue on my skin. I often washed with body wash after, just for skin feel (personal preference). However, the coconut oil is specifically for the moisture-adding capabilities. It did nicely exfoliate, which I loved.  

In the end, I added salt to half the container, so I could feel the detox of the salt (physically and energetically). That made the scrub a bit less luxurious (since the oil had to soak into the added salt), but I actually loved it! Overall, still recommended as a great buy, since I may be the only weird one looking for actual sea salt as the ‘active’ ingredient.

JustBirch Inc.: Hair and Body Cleanser (Lemongrass)

In terms of packaging, I loved the birch motifs on the label, and the mirroring of birch trees in the tall, cylindrical bottle. Or maybe I was just reading too deeply into it? It’s the little things that amuse me.

It was very mild in smell and had an interesting feel. Sort of on the thin side in terms of viscosity, and a bit like glycerin, but no residual residue. 

The first time I tried it I managed to get it super foamy! Which was surprising, given the initial texture, but so lovely! The next time, I used my natural sea sponge, and it didn’t seem to foam well at all. That being said, I still really enjoyed it. The scent is so lovely and mild and I actually really loved the texture of it.

I did try it as a shampoo (just for fun), because of the strengthening qualities of the birch, but didn’t quite like it as much as my regular shampoo. I sometimes would use it after or with my regular shampoo, just to add the strengthening aspect. I didn’t rely on it as a cleanser, as I found it didn’t foam as well as my beloved Carina Organics Shampoo. 

So a bit of a blended review, but it’s still a worthwhile product to check out!

PANPURI: Awaken Glow-Getter Shower Gel

Now this product, I was in love with from start to finish. The packaging is gorgeous! I loved the colour choices, and the unique container design. It basically makes your bathroom more luxurious just by having it in there! 

The feel of it was equally luxurious. Great texture, and no residue. LOVED the smell too. I kind of thought it smelled like fruity gummy bears. My husband approved also.

Pretty much a win-win with this product. Would be a fantastic gift for that special someone (including yourself).

CocoDot Affection: Natural Foaming Handwash

With a 1-year old I’m washing my hands constantly. We tried this foaming handwash at the kitchen sink, where most of my handwashing occurs these days. My husband and I both loved it. 

The packaging is simple and has a cute little sketch of a girl with some bubbles. Understated and beautiful.

I personally really loved that it was unscented. I’m often sensitive to the smells they add into these things, and with washing my hands so much, I really enjoyed not smelling like a bad blend of perfume. 

It feels great and is super foamy. Leaves my hands feeling super clean! Highly recommend! Would be great for kids too!

Dr. Loretta: Micro-Exfoliating Cleanser

I LOVED this cleanser. The packaging is beautifully minimalistic. I was actually in love with the look. It’s such a clean (pun intended) design.

Plus, I was equally in love with how it made my skin feel: Super smooth from gentle exfoliation. It did dry out my skin a bit, so I needed to add moisturizer after (but that’s what I do anyway). 

You only need a tiny amount so it’s going to last you a super long time. Personally, I had nothing negative to say about this product!

Chosen by Johanna: Chosen by Johanna Birch Soap

I loved the natural look of this product! It’s the only way I like my bar soaps. There are little bits of the natural ingredients, throughout, but it doesn’t add any odd texture. I loved the feel actually. It foams nicely into soft suds. 

Nothing complicated here, just a really, really good soap!!!

Tiffany Anderson Brands: Cell Salt Detox Bath Soak

I am still a bit baffled by this product, though I know it’s a finalist, so I may be the only one? I love the packaging. It beautifully showcases the salt and the rose and other herbs in the product. The natural bamboo lid is such a nice touch. 

The ingredients listed look SPECTACULAR! I love the idea of having tissue salts in there too (basically special minerals to nourish your body). It would appear to be something right up my alley. However, when I smelled it, it smelled much stronger than I thought. Perhaps the essential oil of rosemary? Then because I didn’t have a tub for a while, I used it as a foot soak. Felt great. Still unsure of the smell. 

Later, when we moved, I took it out of a big plastic tub, and I smelled it again. This time, it seemed to be quite a bit stronger. It also seemed to smell even more artificial than before. It bothered my husband too. Then I realized, the smell had infiltrated the plastic tub I kept it in. Even now, going into that tub of things I stored, the smell does bother me. I’m one of those people who are sensitive to scents and to chemicals, so I can’t tell for sure what it is that my system doesn’t like, but if that was removed, this would be a product I would use again and again.

Sareen Taika (The Magic of the Island): Veera Sea Salt Soap

I found it difficult to call this soap. It had an odd texture (from the oats, I presume). It didn’t foam very easily at all. It also didn’t have a particularly lovely smell. 

I used it, but it wouldn’t be something that I’d run out to restock again.

Eco Tani: Coconut Mint Body Wash

This had such a nice texture and lovely, mild minty scent. It foamed so nicely and works well on my natural sea sponge. I loved it and the clean ingredients!

Click here for some ODOUR CARE talk from the 5th Clean Beauty Awards.

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